January 12

DUE: HoL #3 (submit to Turnitin.com by midnight tonight)


  1. Read articles about Russell Wilson and Cam Newton dealing with race-related criticisim
  2. Read and discuss an excerpt from Paul Beatty’s The White Boy Shuffle 
  3. “The Kind of Light That Shines on Texas” theme practice
  4. Discuss HoL #3
  5. Select book groups
    1. Check out book
    2. Identify reading checkpoints
    3. Hand out Reading Notes Template


  1. Read to your book group’s first checkpoint and complete the notes template (complete 6 of the 8 boxes).
    1. Here is a sample of how the notes template might look: Reading Notes Template — Sample

January 8

DUE: Current Issue Assignment


  1. Discuss current issue assignment in groups
  2. Introduce Book Groups — Each student identified a book he or she is interested in reading, but we did not finalize our decisions.
  3. Read Brent Staples’ “Just Walk On By”
  4. Hand out “The Kind of Light That Shines on Texas”


  1. Read “The Kind of Light That Shines on Texas” — Quiz next class
  2. HoL #3 due Friday

January 4


  1. War Movie Assignment
  2. Extra Credit


  1. War Movie Discussion (graded)
  2. Read “The ‘Black Table’ Is Still There”
  3. Discuss


  1. Complete the Current Issue Assignment (assigned last class)

January 2

DUE: None.


  1. Read “Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie
    1. Discuss similarities and differences in our own adolescent experiences
  2. Complete survey for Race and Culture in Literature unit
  3. Show essay prompts (essay begins 2nd semester)
  4. Introduce two assignments
    1. Current Issue Assignment Due January 8.
    2. HoL #3: The topic is Diversity.  Due January 12.


  1. War Movie Assignment — Due next class
  2. Extra Credit — Due next class
  3. Current Issue Assignment — Jan. 8
  4. HoL #3 — Jan. 12

December 19

DUE: Entry Ticket (turnitin.com)


  1. Socratic Seminar

1. Extra Credit and War Movie Assignment are due January 4th.