February 7

DUE: Notes #3 for Book Groups


  1. Book group discussions
  2. Outline explanation (see outline template on the synthesis tab)
  3. Work time


Because the impending snow is causing uncertainty with the dates we will have class next week, I’ve decided to check off all three portions of the writing process (source notes, outline, and rough draft) next Friday, the 15th.  Expect work time on Monday and Wednesday if we do have class.  If we don’t have class, please sit outside in the snow and type with gloved fingers.

The final draft will be due sometime after break.  More info on that next week.



Due to the snow, our timeline will be pushed back.  What was supposed to be due on Tuesday, the 5th, will now be due on Thursday, the 7th.  What was supposed to be due on the 7th will be pushed back to next week.

I will further modify the timeline as necessary tomorrow in class.

February 1

DUE: None.

ACTIVITIES: All links for today can be found by clicking on the Synthesis Paper tab at the top of the page.

  1. Review the parameters of our synthesis paper.
    1. Changed the first two due dates…
      1. February 5: Source Notes due by end of the period
      2. February 7: Thesis + Outline due by end of the period
  2. Read two sources that could be helpful for the essay.
    1. John McWhorter’s “Racism in America Is Over”
    2. Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”
  3. Explanation of the Source Notes template and Works Cited template
  4. Work time


  1. Finish reading your book group book and complete Notes #3
  2. Work on source notes.  Due by end of the period on Tuesday.

January 30

Today we just had some quiet work time.  Our final reading checkpoint for independent reading is Tuesday, February 5th.

We will get started on the synthesis paper next class, which means we will need to revise some of the due dates at that point.  There is nothing due on Friday.

January 18

DUE: None.


  1. Discuss first half of Crash.  Take notes on names.  crash – characters and recap
  2. Finish watching Crash.
  3. Form seminar groups — decide on two characters for question #1


  1. Read to the midway point in your group’s book and complete the reading notes (6 of 8 boxes)
  2. Race & Culture seminar entry ticket — Due to Turnitin.com before class on Wednesday.  The seminar is the final.
    1. This might be helpful for #6: crash script
  3. I will collect all class notes for January.

January 14

DUE: Current Issue Assignment


  1. Discuss current issues
    1. Add to notes
  2. Read excerpt from The White Boy Shuffle
    1. Discuss


  1. Compare / contrast the authors’ points of view on race in “The Kind of Light…” and The White Boy Shuffle .  300 words.   Use at least one quote from each to support your analysis.