September 23

DUE: I will check off Act III notes next class


  1. Hamlet sketch — Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie (in case you want to look it up)
  2. Act III Quiz
  3. RSC: “To Be” Sketch
    1. This will relate to our acting activities in which we must select words for emphasis, among other things
  4. Film analysis: Compare three versions of “To be or not to be…”
    1. What choices does the actor make and why? What effect?
    2. Evaluate
  5. Raise Level 2 questions for the “Get thee too a nunnery” scene
    1. We will discuss this scene next class, so consider this our preparation for the discussion
  6. Hand out III scene for annotation


  1. Critical Response for Act III (only if that is your assigned act)
  2. Annotate the page I gave you in class (one of these six in case you lost yours: iii-6-passages)
    1. Annotate this the way an actor or director would.  Annotate for literal understanding of each word (this requires only that you mark the words or phrases that are not easily understood).  Consider character motivation (what does the character want overall in this scene, but also in each specific line?).  Let that motivation inform your ideas for tone, movement (called blocking, I know), emphasis, and pauses.
    2. We will perform these (script in hand and after some rehearsal!) next class.   Then they may be discussed during our Act III discussion.