September 29

DUE: Checked off notes for Acts III and IV


  1. Multiple choice practice — Prose Passage #1 (if you missed this, you will need to make it up)
    1. Review answers
  2. Act IV Test
  3. Read and discuss the worms passage (tee-hee-hee) and Hamlet’s soliloquy
  4. Continue working on MWDS


  1. Critical Response for Act IV
  2. Annotate Ophelia’s lines on the iv-5-ophelias-madness


  1. Wednesday the 5th: Timed Write, Poetry Response #2, and reread them poems
  2. Friday the 7th: Act V Test AND Act V Critical Response
  3. Wednesday the 12th: Hamlet Timed Write; Major Works Data Sheet due
    1. mwds-page-1
    2. mwds-page-2
    3. mwds-pages-3-4-hamlet