October 7


  1. Act V notes (checked off)
  2. Act V Critical Response (dang it! I’ll collect this next class, but make sure you have your critical response on Turnitin.com)


  1. Friday funny.
  2. Multiple Choice: Poetry #1
  3. Act V Quiz
  4. Act V Discussion
    1. Create seminar questions


  1. Wednesday: Click the “Writing” tab at the top of the page and read the articles about college app essays.
  2. Wednesday: Socratic Seminar on Hamlet. seminar-entry-ticket-hamlet-2016.  Complete and submit to Turnitin.com before class begins on Wednesday.
  3. Wednesday: NO POETRY RESPONSE
  4. Friday: Major Works Data Sheet due; I will collect your various Hamlet annotations; Timed Write #3 will be on Hamlet; NO POETRY RESPONSE