November 9


  1. MWDS for Catcher
  2. Poetry Response #3


  1. Discuss prompts for our first major process paper.
  2. Watch the first 40 minutes of The Graduate.  We will treat this film as a text, and it can absolutely be used with your paper.  We will finish next class.


  1. Consider the following prompts and come prepared with your version of a thoughtful brainstorm next class.  Jot ideas for one prompt or all three, but you want to get a good start on this essay.
    1. When confronted with a great challenge, the easier path to take may or may not be the one that conformity proffers. Hamlet expresses the difficulty of accepting such a challenge. At the end of the Act I, he says, “The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,/That ever I was born to set it right!” Write an essay that compares and contrasts the way two characters/speakers we’ve encountered confront the challenge of “setting things right.” What do we come to understand through the gains and losses of these characters?
    2. “What is a rebel? A man who says ‘no,’” says Albert Camus. We’ve encountered a few characters/speakers who, in their own ways, say ‘no.’ Consider at least two of these characters or speakers and write an essay in which you compare and contrast their rebellious actions or words, and draw conclusions about the consequences of their rebellion.
    3. Why do we conform? Certainly, we sometimes conform because of timidity, reluctance, ambition or simply ease; but then there are times when we conform out of a sense of duty or responsibility, in the spirit of cooperation, or with a sense of sacrifice. Consider these ideas as they run through the texts we’ve read this quarter (play, novella, poetry, essays), and develop a thesis regarding the nature of conformity and/or its powers or perils. Support your thesis using at least two texts from class.
  2. The Catcher Timed Write has been moved to next Wednesday.  You might want to review your MWDS beforehand.

NOTE: I did it.  I triumphed over Microsoft Word and created the new and improved, all-in-one Major Works Data Sheet Template (applause).  Feel free to copy and paste into this one to upload to  major-works-data-sheet