November 16

DUE: Poetry Response


  1. Discuss Frost’s “Acquainted with the Night”
  2. Catcher Timed Write
  3. Return Prose Timed Write #2 (Moses)
  4. Explain HW


  1. Write a thesis for your essay.  We will work on outlining next class, so consider coming in with more than one thesis (in case one isn’t working).  Check out my two rough sample theses (quarter-1-essay-thesis-examples).  Keep the following in mind:
    1. My examples are technically off-prompt since I used different texts (so as not to overlap with your own ideas).  You need to use texts we’ve studied.
    2. You should sit with an empty notepad and brainstorm characters that suit the prompt and what is revealed through their conformity, rebellion, or quest for justice.
    3. It took me at least 15 minutes to write each thesis.
    4. Your thesis will require some setup.
    5. Your thesis, if insightful and complex, will have room to grow.  Your rough thesis is aimed at giving you a starting point.
  2. Reread the Moses prose passage, and then read three sample essays.  Use the scoring guide to score each of these.  Reread your own prose timed write (the one I returned today).  Write notes on yours that address what you did well and where you can improve.  We will discuss this passage next class.