November 22

DUE: Outline (checked off)


  1. Handout: contemporary-traits-and-topics — these are helpful to understanding some of the unique qualities of contemporary literature.
  2. Read and analyze “The Author to Her Book” by Anne Bradstreet
    1. You didn’t know it but we TP-CASTTed this bad boy
  3. Discuss outlines with a partner.  Can you explain the logic of your order?
  4. Handouts:
    1. The Things They Carried book
    2. major-works-data-sheet-tttc
    3. ap-2nd-quarter-calendar-things-and-slaughterhouse
  5. Discuss the power and purpose of the subordinate clause


  1. Read the first two chapters “The Things They Carried” and “Love”
    1. Yes, we have notes for 7 of the 8 reading sections.  You get to skip one.  Same as before on the notes.
  2. Analyze “It’s a Woman’s World” using the TP-CASTT method.
    1. womans-world (Note: we are not answering that prompt)
    2. tp-castt
  3. Read through the contemporary traits and topics handout (see above).  If you see any traits or topics that seem to fit well with Catcher, write Catcher in the example box (in pencil… it’s possible you are being a noob).