February 1



  1. Announcements:
    1. Next week: Seminar on Tuesday; Timed Write and MWDS on Thursday
    2. Feb 13: Sentence outline due for major paper.
  2. Finish “The Satire Paradox” podcast
    1. Discuss Gladwell’s position
    2. View an example from Stephen Colbert
  3. Quiz 4: Ch. 6-8
  4. Group discussions:
    1. Trout’s stories
    2. Billy’s reaction to the quartet


  1. Read Ch. 9-10 (the rest of the book!); notes
  2. In two class periods… we will have a seminar, for which you will need to have analyzed a modern piece of satire aimed at a current social issue.  You may want to begin finding a piece of satire between now and next class, though you don’t have to.