February 3


  1. Notes (checked off sections 4 and 5)


  1. Ch. 9-10 Quiz
  2. Discuss Ch. 9-10 in small groups
  3. Activity: how are we to respond to the horrific?
    1. How does Vonnegut raise the question?
    2. What answers does the novel provide?
    3. What final impression does he leave us with?
  4. seminar entry ticket
    1. select two characters for number 3
    2. randomly draw two traits for number 4


  1. Seminar Entry Ticket — due next class to Turnitin.com.  (Bring a hard copy if you’d like, but I will grade the Turnitin.com one).
  2. MWDS due next Thursday (day of the Timed Write)