April 24

DUE: Poetry Timed Write Revision


  1. Prose Multiple Choice (going in grade book, so make up if you missed it)
  2. Return “The Crossing” Timed Write (prose)
  3. Classify the variety of prose prompts
    1. complex relationship
    2. characterization
    3. impact of ________ on character
    4. speaker’s attitude
    5. theme of short story (rare)
  4. Read 2002 prompt: The Shipping News
    1. Analyze Quoyle as a class and discuss the evidence we would use to support.
  5. Hand out “The Street” and timed essay samples


  1. Read and score timed essay samples provided in class today.  Sorry, cannot post these.  However, here is the Prose Question Scoring Guide for that specific prompt.
  2. Poetry Response #4 (last page).  Due to Turnitin.com.