May 8

DUE: None


  1. Prom voting
  2. Unit overview (End of Year Unit Guide — Level)
  3. Reminder about sentence project: Favorite Sentence Project
  4. Introduce Slam Poetry
  5. Watch and discuss Katie Makkai’s “Pretty”
  6. Assign groups and stories for the Short Story Project


  1. Annotate your short story in two colors
    1. one for analysis of the story
    2. another for performance ideas/notes
  2. Slam Poetry Response #1 due Friday.  View all three of the following poems and select one to write about.  Submit to  I’ve attached lyrics for those who prefer the word printed rather than spoken, but you should watch each nonetheless.
    1. “Boys Don’t Cry” by Jack McCarthy (Boys Dont Cry)
    2. “S is for Lisp” by George Watsky (lyrics)
    3. “Ohm” by Saul Williams (Ohm by Saul Williams)