March 2

DUE: Major Essay 2 (


  1. Ch. 9-12 Quiz
  2. Work on MWDS
  3. Morrison on Writing
  4. Discussion
    1. characters
    2. scenes
    3. naming
    4. Lot’s wife


  1. Read 126-165
    1. Notes: In addition to the normal notes, please name each chapter and type three sentences that are powerful or interesting because of the way they are constructed.  We will use these next class.

February 15


  1. Sentence Outline
  2. Slavery Notes


  1. Peer feedback for essay
  2. Discuss slavery research
  3. Begin reading Beloved
    1. Use opening-pages in place of notes for this first section
    2. Create a timeline as best you can to keep track of the events in the narrative (it will jump around a lot)


  1. Read through page 43 of Beloved
    1. Write responses to the opening questions (see link above) instead of taking notes for this section.

February 9

DUE: Seminar Entry Ticket (online)


  1. Socratic Seminar / work time


  1. Complete the Major Works Data Sheet and submit one per group (with all member names, please!) to
  2. Timed Write for Slaughterhouse-Five next class
  3. Due Wednesday: Sentence outline for Major Essay (TTTC SH-5)
    1. Look back at your previous sentence outline if you need a template.  Otherwise, here is what I provided last time (which completely lacks evidence): sample-sentence-outline.

Snow update!

Dearest seniors,

With the cancellations to school the last two days, we didn’t exactly get to have our Socratic seminar today–that is, unless you all built snow forts and talked about Slaughterhouse-Five without me, in which case, I’m hurt that I wasn’t invited.  Assuming we return to school on Thursday, we will have our Socratic seminar that day.  This means that the MWDS and Timed Write for SH-5 will be moved to next Monday, the sentence outline to Wednesday, and the final draft of the TTTC / SH-5 Paper to after break.  Heartbreaking, I know.

Enjoy your time in the snow, and please dress yourselves more appropriately for cold weather than Billy Pilgrim did.


Mr. Level