January 4

DUE: TTTC Illuminating Moment Essay (online)


  1. Practice with contemporary traits & topics handout
    1. Annie Hall
    2. The Things They Carried
  2. Read Atwood’s “Happy Endings”
    1. Discuss
  3. Read Eggers’ “Your Mother & I”


  1. Read the handout on analyzing point of view (POV).  See me if you missed class.
  2. Read “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” — this will be a major part of our discussion next class, so read carefully.
  3. Finish reading “Your Mother & I”
  4. Type a 400-600 word analysis of the narrative point of view in one of the following stories.  You should go beyond identifying the POV and delve into the purpose and effects of the author’s choice.  See the handout on analyzing POV for good questions to consider.
    1. “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”
    2. “Happy Endings”
    3. “Your Mother & I”

AP Registration

Deadline: February 24th

You should have received an email from Total Registration inviting you to register.  Liberty’s school code is 480502.  Contact Mr. Gardiner if you have any trouble registering.

Every one of you should register to take the AP Lit test.


December 20

DUE: O’Brien Imitation


  1. Quiz 9
  2. Discuss ending (tttc-ending)
  3. Return Catcher Timed Writes


  1. Extra Credit due Wednesday, January 4th
  2. Illuminating Moment Essay; 600-900 words; Due Wednesday, January 4 on Turnitin.com and Nicenet.org; Writing category; 30 pointsSelect an illuminating moment in the novel. Spend the first half of your essay explaining how O’Brien’s stylistic choices convey his meaning in this passage. Focus on structure, syntax, organization, diction, detail, imagery and/or tone. Spend the second half of your essay explaining how this passage illuminates the meaning of the novel as a whole by analyzing its contribution to one of the novel’s themes.
  3. Nicenet.org Class ID: T37753528Z

December 16

DUE: Notes


  1. Quizzes covering reading
  2. Discuss chapters in groups
  3. Guest speaker


  1. O’Brien Imitation Assignment
  2. Read the last two chapters; no notes necessary
  3. Reminder: “Illuminating Moment” essay and Extra Credit assignment due after break


December 14

DUE: Poetry Response (hard copy and Turnitin.com)


  1. Return Poetry Timed Writes
  2. Discuss poems and Norman Bowker
  3. Poetry Timed Write


  1. Read the next section (it’s the big one!)
  2. Guest speaker next class

December 12

DUE: None.


  1. Poetry MC #3
  2. Quiz 5
  3. Discuss “The Man I Killed”
  4. Read and discuss “The Power of Words in Wartime”


  1. Poetry Response due Wednesday (from pages 5 and 6)
  2. Read Section 6 by Friday — this is the longest section
  3. Imitation due Tuesday of next week